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Overview is a pediatric radiology and pediatric imaging digital library. The goal of is to provide a starting point for entry into pediatric radiology places of enlightenment, entertainment and education on the Internet. identifies high quality pediatric radiology World-Wide Web sites that can teach, illuminate, and inspire. In essence, is meant to serve as a "pico portal" for users interested in pediatric radiology. Feel free to bookmark and / or link to uses the following criteria for World-Wide Web site selection: 1) The site is selected by a process of peer review by accreditation, because accreditation models are designed for works that change over time. To become accredited, a site must clearly display four core quality standards: a. Authorship, including the author's name, affiliation, and credentials. b. Attribution of facts through the listing of references. c. Disclosure of site ownership and sponsorship. d. Currency of the site by listing dates of content posting and updating. 2) The site must be free to use, in part or in whole. 3) The site's information must be primarily in Hypertext Markup Language format (HTML) so that it can be read by users with the lowest common denominator World-Wide Web browser.

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